The ‘Not Enough Hours In The Day’ Trilogy – Part I

by | Mar 30, 2009

We’ve never had it so good… honestly!

Ever find that you just don’t have enough time for housework?

Do you ever feel that the mountain of laundry is just unscaleable?

That you need more hours in the day to get it all done?

I’m guessing, by the fact that you’re here, you answered a resounding YES to all of the above.

And yet, never in the history of women, have we had so much assistance within the home.

Imagine, only a few generations ago – whole days were devoted to laundry!

These days, we balk at the effort of slamming our clothes into a machine for an hour – but when we return, they’re all clean!

No fetching pails of water.

No rubbing our knuckles raw on washing boards.

No losing our fingers to menacing mangles.

Compared to the efforts of our foremothers – modern laundry is a breeze.


The Benefits of Counting Our Blessings

We all have a general sense of how much easier certain aspects of modern life are, compared to generations past.

But it might be helpful to really consider this a bit more closely.

It could just give us back a touch of much-needed perspective.

It could stop us turning quite basic chores – which require vastly less effort than in years past – into those giant bug-bears in our minds.

All that negative energy can make domestic work much more of a depressing feature of our lives than it needs to be.

Although housework can be demanding and time-consuming – the more we make light of it, the lighter the load will feel.

So the next time you sense a case of the ‘woe is me’s coming on – just picture the lot of the poor exhausted women before us.

Although we can look forward in hope to a future of even more domestic automation (I know I have a robot vacuum on my Christmas list…), it will be helpful to pause and appreciate how far we’ve come and actually – we don’t have it so bad.

However disgruntled we may be tempted to feel sometimes, at least our finger-ends and knuckles are intact.

• • • 

I hope this reframe is helpful for you – and I’d love to hear what you think!