The ‘Not Enough Hours In The Day’ Trilogy – Part 2

by | Apr 2, 2009

How sweet is your home?

As a race, we humans have always had self-maintenance work to do.

It’s part of survival.

If you’re alive, it goes with the territory.

So why, with all the modern advancements at our disposal, do we struggle to find the time for this primitive and basic care-work – looking after our homes and families?

The problem is not a lack of hours in the day.

If we had more hours, no doubt we would cram them full of other stuff and still have no time for housework!

Since we generally manage to find or make time for what matters most to us, it’s less a time issue and more a question of priorities.

Far from being the bare minimum for survival, the nurturing of our homes and families seems to have slipped down the to-do list.

But why has taking care of our lair lost its sparkle?


Post-modern Housework

For modern women, there’s the feminist thing.

Feminism achieved much for womankind but a less happy side-effect was our confused role in the home.

Can you believe in equality and still mop the floor?

Is housework politically correct?

Of course, women have so much more to offer than being the family maid/servant.

But the opposite extreme, ie total neglect of home and family, is not ideal either.

Regardless of political issues, our home is our base – it has a special and powerful role in our lives.

It protects us from the outside world, keeps us safe and warm.

It has the potential to support us and nourish the essence of our souls.

It is our place in the world.

We spend such a large proportion of our lives in that one space that it effects us deeply – not only whilst we’re there, but also in our life beyond its walls.

The state of our homes influences our moods, our health, our well-being and relationships – even our careers.

And we determine the nature of those effects in our approach to housekeeping.


The Value Of Home

So, if you’re struggling to manage this essential nurturing work, it may be time to reconnect with the importance of the home.

Forget social baggage about what women should or shouldn’t be doing.

Within your home, whatever supports you and your loved ones is what matters.

Recognizing the value of the home helps you find the motivation to take care of it – which will reap rich rewards.

Any time spent on its upkeep, is an investment in your quality of life.

The place where you live is your sanctuary, your shelter.

It’s the springboard for you life.

Isn’t it worth a little TLC?


Making time for what matters

Modern life is busy.

Finding time for our home’s upkeep can be challenging.

But the more we rediscover the value of where we live, the more we will make time.

And the more we will love it.

After all, it’s where the heart is.

• • • 

I hope this take on the Not Enough Hours In The Day idea is helpful for you. 

If you missed Part 1 in this trilogy, you can find that here.

And I’d love to hear what you think!