The (fairy) story of a housework blog…

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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a woman who loved her family and her home.

However, she was less keen on the mess her family made and the upkeep her home demanded – a.k.a. housework.

But, it seemed to be a package deal so she muddled on as best she could, wondering how all the other women coped so much better than her…

After a while, though, the woman realised that she spent a great deal of her time and energy being cross or miserable about the ‘state of the place’.

And she was more than a little disgruntled with her designated role as Unpaid Maid.

This was not good.

(Not least for the poor family members within snarling distance.)

So, our heroine embarked on a mission, a journey of discovery.

Determined to find solutions to the mental and emotional challenge of keeping a home, she vowed to unearth the Holy Grail:

How to cope with housework. 

And so she read about a hundred books.

She then combined this research with about a decade of trial-and-error practical experiments.

Eventually, she awoke one morning to discover that she had made peace with housework.

Although, still not a Natural Domestic, she felt more competent within her home, more loving towards her family and generally happier with her little lot.

Her home was certainly a nicer place to be, but more importantly, she was a calmer and happier person to be around.

Impressive results, don’t you think?

And sensing that she was not the only one to feel this way, our plucky heroine gathered her sanity-saving strategies together and published them in one little book.

But to her surprise and delight, she found that even more helpful hints and tips kept emerging. So she set up this blog, to share what she knew, and to help other Unpaid Maids find more harmony and happiness.

And so the woman and her readers lived happily ever after…

(Despite housework.)


Happily ever after… by the book.

This blog and mission sparked not one but two books that kick-started a writing life and creative habit that also has led to two more books (and counting…), as well as a Dream Career

Magic really can happen when we find more harmony and happiness at home. 

You can find more details below of the books and projects that formed my version of Happily Ever After, once I’d made peace with housework. 🙂



The books that grew out of this blog…