Mother’s Day, Proverbs & The Value of Appreciation

by | Mar 9, 2009

Whoever invented Mother’s Day…

…deserves breakfast in bed.

There is a phrase that I mutter to myself, on days when it feels like the world and his wife wants my attention:

“To be needed is a blessing, not a curse”.

Some days it comes easier than others.

Despite the absolute joy I felt when my children first said ‘Mummy’, there are days when I am summoned so many times that I want to ban the word.

I’m sure (I hope!) many mothers can relate to this.

But I don’t believe this makes us bad mothers.

We’re just human.

We just need a bit of moderation.

Buddha and his theory of balance would back me up here – too much of anything is never a good idea.

With motherhood, though, meeting the demands of others goes with the territory.

So it is only right that the balance be readdressed at least once a year, when the mother gets to do the bidding.

Cue…Mother’s Day

Of course, there are those who say it’s a commercial ploy by the cards and flower industries, which is one (cynical) way to look at it.

But it also a well-overdue reminder to put mothers first for once.

It’s a chance to consider all that mothers do.

(If you’re clever you can bring this home much more powerfully by refusing to lift a finger for the entire day. 😉 )


A Helpful Reminder (For Us Mums)

But not only is it a pleasant and welcome day of respite for hard-working mums, it’s a good reminder for us, too.

The appreciation of our family reminds us exactly who we are doing it for – and why.

Hopefully, it’s a big enough boost to keep us going for another year.

In my case, to see a child bearing a wobbly tray laden with squashed daffodil and cold toast (with butter on top of the jam…) is enough to refuel my heart for months to come.

So, hip hip hooray for Mother’s Day!

A day when we think of mums and all they do.

A day when the maid is treated like the mistress.

And a day when we’re reminded of the pay-off for all the time love and energy we invest in our families.

There is an old proverb that goes,

“One can never repay the debt to a mother.”

This is true.

However a yearly deposit of cards, flowers and appreciation is a reasonable start.

• • • 

Wishing you a relaxing time for Mother’s Day – and a happier home life all year round.