The MPWH Bookshelf

A selection of the books that have inspired or feature in the Make Peace with Housework blog.

Many of the books I’ve read have changed my life the better.

I believe I am a happier and more generous person after reading Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (Richard Carlson).

And I’m sure my husband will be eternally grateful to the relationship-soothing advice I found in Why Men Don’t Listen… (A & B Pease)

Since those early lucky finds, I have devoured many more titles in the areas of home-management, self-improvement and success.

I’ve read or listened to all the books featured here, and all have helped me make peace with housework in some way.

They have even inspired me to write a book of my own. (See below!) 

If the ideas on my blog have interested you, then I can highly recommend the following titles as a kind of Suggested Reading List, to delve a little deeper into ideas I’ve raised.

There are quite a few (I really should get out more…) and they may not all be relevant your life, so my advice would be to pick ones you like the look of (contrary to accepted wisdom).

I believe that the right books ‘magically’ find their way into our hands at opportune times, so have a little mooch around my virtual bookshelf if a particular book seems to call you it may just have the answer you been looking for.


Please note: I am an Amazon Associate / affiliate and receive a small commission from any purchases through these links.


And introducing…

My first 2 books, that grew from the Make Peace With Housework blog:

{And if you’re interesting in the behind-the-scenes of books and writing, I wrote my latest book all about…writing books! As well as how to self-publish, promote, hit bestseller lists and land an agent, all with zero marketing budget.

You can read the full story of that journey over on}

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