From domestic strife…

…to the creative life.

we have moved housework to creativity blog

Pastures new.

My blogging and writing life began with these musings – my endeavours to cope with the demands of family life.

Happily, it has also gone beyond the realm of domestic strife and blossomed delightfully in a range of exciting new ventures.

These days, my blogging is devoted to the joys and challenges of the creative life.

And you may be surprised to learn that there is still a place for housework in a a thriving creative career!

You can read more about the connection between housework and creativity here. 

And there’s an abundance of inspiring tips and ideas for living creatively and well over on my new Creativity Blog – where I blog about writing, wellness, happiness, creativity and the other fun things I get up to now that I’ve made peace with housework. 🙂

I’d love to see you there!



PS After the fun I had writing and publishing the Make Peace With Housework Book of the Blog – I’ve done it again! 

I compiled some of my favourite musings on the creativity in my new book, Tonics For Your Creative Spirit. 

More info below if you’d like some simple tips and inspiring ideas for a healthier and happier creative life…


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