Housework? But I’m a feminist!

by | Jul 23, 2009

It’s not often you’ll see the word feminist linked with the topic of housework. Surely, feminists don’t do housework..?

Oh, but we do!

A belief in equality is all well and good, but it won’t do the dishes or make the beds. And until the theory of equality reaches the domestic workload (don’t hold your breath…) guess who gets the bulk of the housework?

Feminist or not – if you are The Lady of the House, chances are it’s down to you to keep it clean and tidy.

So, what can we do?

Spend all our time fighting the regime?

Berate our menfolk for their enviable ability to dodge domestic pressure?


But in the meantime, the dust is gathering.

Though I consider myself to be a feminist, I am not a particularly angry or political one (yet I acknowledge a debt of gratitude to the angry and political women who came before me.)

But I am a child of the feminist era and so have certain ideas about what I should or shouldn’t be doing in the home.

Unfortunately, reality has other ideas…

I believe this conflict – what we feel we ought to do and what actually needs doing – is the root of much angst for modern women.

Housework is a significant challenge in itself – but when you add to the mix a maddening sense of injustice and a soupcon of social pressure, it’s a recipe for fury, disharmony, and disgruntled women everywhere.

In an attempt to take this angst and turned it around, I wondered if there was a better, more enlightened way?

So I set out to find solutions – and find them I did.

My journey has so far brought me a degree of harmony, calm and acceptance (where applicable…).

I no longer rant and rage at family members, which must be a good thing.

My results spawned a book, in which I aim to share what I have learned.

But my journey of discovery is ongoing and I am still learning, so the raison d’etre for this blog is to share any new insights or information which can relieve your domestic angst.

Whether or not you believe yourself to be a feminist, if you ‘have issues’ with housework, you’ll find something here that you can use.

Welcome to the home of my discoveries so far – welcome to Make Peace With Housework.


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