Harness the power of your subconscious mind…

by | Jul 2, 2009

…to help with the housework!

I recently wrote a chapter about motivation in the domestic realm, for my new book, Housework Blues.

It lead to the following spin-off idea which I think you may find very useful and effective.

The idea is to utilise a powerful technique that deploys your subconscious mind – requiring less conscious (and begrudging) effort from you.

Sound good?

Just imagine…

Allow me to introduce (drum roll, please) the incredible motivational force of ….visualisation!

Now, you’ve no doubt already heard of this popular psychological tool.

You may even have used it to achieve a business venture, relationship or health issue etc.

But have you ever tried to apply it to your domestic woes?

If not, then now is as good a time as any.

So, here goes.

First close your eyes…

Only joking.

Read this through first, then close your eyes and go through the process in your mind.

It’s just three simple steps.

A visualisation for a clean & tidy home

Step 1. Picture your home.

Step 2. Now see it after the Magic Cleaning Fairy has been!

Every surface is clutter-free.

You can see your reflection in your taps.

You could eat off your floor.

You could even withstand an inspection from your most critical relative.

Make this image as real as you can, smell the freshness, feel those crisp clean sheets, really sense the joy you’re feeling in your fabulous spotless home.

Feel free to dwell in this happy place as long as you like…

Step 3. When you are feeling utterly proud and happy with your beautiful home, mentally complete this sentence:

The best part about having a gorgeous spotless home is…

You fill in the gap.

Whatever comes to mind is the right answer for you.

How visualisation helps with housework

This little trick will work for you on three levels;

1. Positivity

Firstly, you are training your mind to focus on the end-result of your housework.

This takes your mind off the wearying effort of doing it.

Cue less misery for you…

2. Motivation

Secondly, you are awakening your motivations for doing the work.

If you discover that your best bit about having a gorgeous spotless home is that you can joyfully invite people round, the thought of this result provides a conscious motivation.

You’ve found good reason to do housework – that’s quite an achievement!

3. Mindpower

Thirdly, visualising a desired end-result throws your sub-conscious mind a challenge (which it loves!).

It will work ceaselessly to close the gap between your goal and your current reality.

You will find yourself ‘mysteriously’ making slightly different decisions.

It is these minute shifts in behaviour that will, eventually, get you to your goal.

The more regularly you visualise, and the more enthusiastically you imagine your beautiful, tidy home, and the more you can identify exactly what you get out of it – the sooner you will see it in reality.

Good luck and have fun!

• • • 

As always, I’d love to hear if this works for you.


PS For further explanation on how you can harness the awesome power of the unconscious mind, a great book is the classic Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

PPS A fun introduction to visualisation is the audiobook Directing the Movies of your Mind by Adelaide Bry.

You can get it FREE when you sign up for a free trial with Audible