For the non-bedmakers (like me…)

by | Sep 17, 2009

What if…?

I am not a natural-born bedmaker.

When I see an unmade bed, I am not overwhelmed with an urge to make it.

I am more often overwhelmed with an urge to go into another room.

However, I do admit to a slight blip of happiness when I see a beautifully made bed.

I love to see a sumptuous and inviting slumber-zone, with plentiful plumped-up pillows and creaseless sheets (a la the gorgeous Beachy Cottage).

So, how to combine this love of bedded-bliss with my strong housework-avoidance streak…?

Brain Training for (Un)Domestic Goddesses

Well, in my mission to conquer my domestic demons, I sometimes like to trick my brain into believing that I am, deep down, a Domestic Goddess.

To do this I invent little mental tricks and games and I have developed one that will serve us here.

In fact, it is so effective – it gets me to make my bed, every single day!

And sometimes – before teatime!

Powerful stuff, I think you’ll agree.

So, in my bid to bring harmony to the hearts of those with similar housework ‘issues’, I’d like to share that trick with you here.

It goes like this:

When you see your unmade bed and every fibre of your being is screaming at you to run away, just pause and ask yourself this question:

What if the state of my bed affects the state of my day?

Now any students of feng shui will already be convinced of the answer.

In Chi terms, where you sleep has a massive impact on the state of your entire life.

So if this area is a beautifully-kept quarter of serenity, the repercussions will most likely be lovely.

And for any LOA-lovers, you don’t need me to tell you that as you breeze past your gorgeous bedroom, that little smile of competence and pleasure that you experience will only serve to bring similar moments to your day.

For the more logical and cynical among you, I believe I still have a convincing argument.

Assuming you prefer to climb into a nicely-made bed, rather than a day-old pile of crumpled linen – how does the sight of your bed make you feel, when you take the time to make it?

It makes you feel good.

It makes you feel as though you are in control of your life and that you have enough time in your day to perform this small act of self-maintenance.

In short, it smacks of success, competency, pride in your surroundings.

All good stuff.

For the work of a few moments, you get to drift off into you day on a wave of positive attitude.

Don’t you think this will, in some way or another, impact your day?

Even if you don’t believe that universal energies (which like order and beauty) are checking on your bed and dishing out your daily karma accordingly – compare the positive scenario with the feelings you take with you as you glance at/hide from the unmade bed…

I hope by planting this question in your mind, it will give you that vital motivation to become a bedmaker.

Even if you’re not convinced that the state of your bed affects the state of your day, you can’t possibly know for sure.

And I’m afraid that now you have pondered this question, there will always be that niggling doubt.

So why not hedge your bets?

Besides, it only takes seconds.

So, go on.

Give your bed a little love.

Then when that precious moment arrives at the end of the day when you climb into your bed, I bet you can’t help but smile.

• • • 

Let me know if this works for you!