Make peace with housework blog book coverRegular readers will no doubt know I’ve recently been working on another book. (I’m afraid I’ve never been very good at hiding my excitement.) 

My new book chronicles my writing and self-publishing adventures over the last few years.

And to think – it all began with a loathing of housework! (I suppose writing about it is one way to deal with it…)

If you’re interested in writing, or you’re planning to write a book, or just curious about my self-publishing antics (I spill the beans on all kinds of hard-won lessons and lucky breaks) – you can get more details and a sneaky peek at the first pages here.


But what about the ‘Free Book’ bit….?

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Looking after a home and family is physically demanding work. Without health, energy and emotional calm, it can be an uphill struggle. So it makes sense to prioritise your well-being, make it non-negotiable. Looking after No1 needs to be Job #1.

However, the life of a House Slave is a busy one and there may be times when what should, in theory, be top of your To Do list, can drift and slide to the nether regions of your Things That Get Neglected list.

So what to do?

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nigella kitchen

This week sees the return to our screens of the lovely Nigella Lawson.

Her new series, Nigella Kitchen, begins Monday 30th September at 8pm on BBC 2.

So to celebrate this happy event, I thought I would mark the occasion with a Nigella-flavoured blog post.

I recently got my hands on Nigella’s new companion book (also called Kitchen) and although I’m only on page 92 (I like to read her books cover-to-cover), it has already struck me with its helpfulness in answering one of life’s most challenging questions:

What’s for tea, mum?

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Much as I love the summer, and much as I love my children, I have been known to feel the strain of the summer school holidays. I take my hat off to all the mums who manage to enjoy, rather than endure, the long break. However, I will admit, it does have its perks – my favourite being: time to read.

I’m a big reader all year but I seem to get through more books than usual during those endless summer days. So I thought I would share with you some of the valuable things I learned this summer, as I tried to escape the mess, noise and chaos surrounding me and saught sanctuary in my books….

Possibly the most effective read of the summer was Karen Rauch Carter’s, Move your stuff, change your life. It’s a guide to the Black Hat school of Feng Shui.

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Plan, Shop, Chop

I was once reading a cook-book by that original domestic goddess –Nigella Lawson. In it, she casually mentioned that planning and shopping are as much a part of cooking as the kitchen-based business.

This was a eureka moment for me.

Of course! It seemed so obvious when pointed out! Yet all this time I’d been wondering why I felt so defeated by the prospect of feeding my family. I had neglected to incorporate two of the three vital ingredients – planning and shopping.

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help with the housework.jpg

I am a big reader of business manuals and success books and I’d like to share one of the common threads that feature in the great majority, which I think can be safely summed up as follows:

get help!

It’s a simple idea; you focus on what you are good at, your natural talents and abilities, then you seek out ways to delegate the things that you struggle with or resent or do very, very badly.

Can you see where I’m going with this…?

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first book danielle raine.jpg


As so many children’s stories have it:  “At last, the great day arrived.” For me, that day is today. I hold in my hands a real-life, in-the-flesh version of my own book! This is my first book and so I’m giddy with excitement. (It really is quite a thrill – I heartily recommend it.) So, I’m celebrating this special moment and what I think is quite an achievement. 

However, it’s also good news for you because it means we are only days away from seeing the Paperback version of Housework Blues on sale on Amazon*. Days! Then, for those of you not keen on eBooks can get in on all the fun and frolics to be had in tackling your domestic demons.

Watch this space!

In the meantime, since it’s Friday, I’d love it if you wold join me in a celebratory tipple (or two) and raise a toast to the end of housework blues for women everywhere.

(Can you imagine how much nicer the world would be….?)

Cheers, my dears!



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Housework Blues coverToday, I finally published the real-life (ie paperback) edition of Housework Blues – A Survival Guide!

There will be more details coming up (see below) but it should be available to buy from Amazon very soon! I’m so excited! This is the culmination of nearly 2 years of blood, sweat and tears (well, not so much the tears – it’s been a real labour of love).

I’m absolutely thrilled to have it finished and to send it on it’s way into the world to help women everywhere beat their Housework Blues.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent in ideas, feedback or general kind words of encouragement.
I couldn’t have done it without you!

Right, off to celebrate with a big cup of tea and a flapjack.

(Rock & roll!)



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PS the Kindle version is available NOW. Click here to grab yourself a free sample or immediate download.

PPS the eBook is also available now.

PPPS Did I mention I was very excited!



Housework Blues book trailer  video

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